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Today we are getting to the bottom of soooo many mysteries! Well... two mysteries. First, what do girls do when guys aren't around? IT WILL SHOCK YOU. And what's the deal with all those "This is Bill" memes all over Facebook. IT WILL SHOCK YOU MORE. The stage is set, expectations can never be met, so sit back and enjoy the show!

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Horse Dances Around
Pyramid Fail
Flying Jo (Girls Balancing Eachother)
Kitten Slaps and Kisses Owner
Hair Catches Fire From B-Day Cake
Hair Catches in Cake Mixer
Acro Yoga Fail
Huge Fart Lighting Flame
I Hate Golf
Inflatable Penis to the Face Fail
Darth Vader Segway Crash
Kid Tases Himself
Girl Falls Off Mattress Steve Aoki Concert
ACH Accident Dashcam Crash
Man Slams Head on Egg
Kid Being Rejected
Girl Barks Up The Wrong Tree
Haircut From Hell
4 Pug Conga Line
Girl Punches Guy
Poor Little Michael
Scaredy Cat Vs Cucumber
Dog Grinding For You

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