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Local Service National Network

Ziing Final Mile is your partner in seamless delivery and advanced technology. Picture us as your trusted partner, where local expertise is combined with a national network, all aggregated into one AI-driven platform.

Ziing’s platform gives you the control and service you need, with the flexibility and cost reductions you want. Combining boots-on-the-ground operations with the latest transportation technology, Ziing provides efficient and effective delivery solutions at a regional or national scale.

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Ziing Final Mile

Ziing provides integrated, automated, and data-driven Final Mile and mid-mile logistics that ensure consistent and reliable deliveries. Whether you’re looking for fixed or dynamic routing, open or closed networks, custom scheduling, or various other delivery services, Ziing is your one-stop shop for final-mile delivery and technology.

  • Exclusive & fractional fleet models

  • Same-day & next-day cycles

  • Pre-0800hr deliveries

  • Mid-mile & LTL

  • White glove service

  • Big & bulky delivery

  • Hyperlocal loops

  • Zero emission deliveries


Exclusive Ecosystem

Our Exclusive Ecosystem Solution starts with a deep dive into the explicit needs of our clients, and together, we create an Exclusive Fleet model. We carefully design an over-the-road network and determine the right mix of rolling assets to support capacity changes, expand coverage areas, and enhance your clients’ end-user experience. An Exclusive Ecosystem quickly converts your CapEx into OpEx, an excellent pivot for clients considering upgrading equipment and retiring aging assets.

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Fractional Ecosystem

Our Fractional Ecosystem Solution offers customization capabilities similar to our Exclusive Ecosystem in network design and end-user experience at a fraction of the fixed overhead cost. We aggregate clients who require similar delivery assets but operate adjacent delivery windows to form a unique, codependant ecosystem that maximizes utilization. 

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Co-load Ecosystem

We aggregate clients with synchronicity in delivery cycles into a local co-load distribution network. We have standard zones across all major markets in Canada that can reach more than 85% of the population on the same day or the next day. Moving product to our distribution injection points for the scheduled launch times can be done directly or through the flexibility of scheduled sweeps that offer later cut-off times. This solution achieves economies of scale for our clients, resulting in a highly competitive price.

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Ziing Final Mile

Ziing provides integrated, automated, and data-driven Final Mile and mid-mile logistics that ensure consistent and reliable deliveries. Whether you’re looking for fixed or dynamic routing, open or closed networks, custom scheduling, or other delivery services, Ziing is your one-stop shop for Final Mile delivery and technology.

  • Exclusive & fractional fleet models

  • Same-day & next-day cycles

  • Pre-0800hr deliveries

  • Mid-mile & LTL

  • White glove service

  • Big & bulky delivery

  • Hyperlocal loops

  • Zero-emission deliveries

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Chain of Signature (COS)

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Contactless Delivery and Photo (POD)

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Customized SLAs

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Package Level Screening

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Same Day & Next Day Delivery

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Scheduled Delivery

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Dynamic & Static Routing

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Temperature Control

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AI-Powered Technology


'Big n' Bulky Delivery

About our Mindful Mobility Network

  • Customized delivery solutions

  • Flexible service partner model

  • Over 60,000 items delivered weekly


  • National coverage

  • Over 3,000 weekly routes

  • 99.5% on-time delivery

  • Speed-to-market solutions

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AI-Powered Deliveries

Our sophisticated Ecosystems, combined with the power of, are disrupting the industry. We stand out from our competitors, who often operate on outdated technology systems that would cost a fortune to refactor. Whether we are working with one service partner or multiple partners in different markets across North America, we deliver a consistent experience through our technology that easily integrates with your internal workflows.

The Ziing Final Mile Experience

Meet our operations team / tech team

Aaron E.


I'm actively involved in fostering connections between our esteemed clients and reliable service partners helping to optimize resource usage with our progressive and fulfilling, as we act not just as a means to an end but as collaborators in an innovative platform

Anwesh D.


Being a part of this unique vision, where opportunities are presented fairly to everyone involved, has reinforced my commitment to driving lasting impact and positive change with each day, we focus on bridging the gap between our valued clients and our exceptional network of service partners, maximizing the potential of existing assets

Dave D.

VP of Finance

Dave joined Ziing Final Mile in 2018 after spending more than a decade holding various Senior Management roles in the Banking Industry. In addition to an extensive background in Finance, Dave has a proven track record in Strategic Planning, Business Transformations, and Building “Winning” Cultures across broad geographical territories.

Todd T.

VP of Operations

Todd is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in Sales, Operations, and Customer Service within the Banking and Transportation Industry. Todd has built a reputation for achieving results through developing High Performing Teams centred around Superior Internal and External Client Experiences.

Mathew B.

VP, Strategic Partnerships & Acquisitions

With over 15 years in the Final Mile segment, Matt is a seasoned Supply Chain Professional equipped with extensive Industry experience in Technology, Sales, and Operations. Through a consultative and systematic approach to achieving best-in-class technology-enhanced solutions, Matt has led multiple Organizations through new market launches, specialized service lines, and succession strategies.

Bruno S.

Vice President and General Manager, Ziing Fulfillment

Bruno is a highly driven leader with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in video games, software technology, marketing, eCommerce, and logistics. Since his start at a young age as a small business owner and eventual entrepreneur in innovative ventures, Bruno has raised multiple seed capital rounds for several start-ups, took his businesses to international markets, and more recently closed an acquisition deal of his latest logistics venture HubTrotter Logistics. Bruno is currently the Vice President and General Manager of Ziing Fulfillment.

Chris H.

President & CEO

Chris is a senior executive with over 20 years of expertise in the transportation and courier industry. He brings a broad range of experience in all functions of an organization with a specific eye for acquisitions resulting in new market expansion and development of adjacent services. He has led significant business transformations, helping clients develop new go-to-market strategies, including multi-client joint distribution agreements and expansion from B2B to B2C.

Jordan L.

VP, Business Development

Jordan has had deep involvement in many first-of-kind marketing, carbon projects, and technology start-ups. Jordan is a certified sustainability (ESG) practitioner and has held various leadership roles in the energy and clean-tech industries. Jordan was instrumental in the growth of several scale-ups and acquisitions, where he led the sales, marketing, and customer success teams in the highly complex carbon markets.

Rajan K.

VP, Technology

Rajan has over fifteen years of experience in developing and executing digital transformation blueprints and has successfully delivered programs at Fortune 500 companies in banking, staffing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, travel, and tourism, automotive, and many more. Rajan’s leadership and strategic direction have helped connect on-demand and omnichannel technologies to facilitate the deployment of AI, Enterprise Automation, Cloud, and Native Mobile and Web technologies based on microservices architecture.

What is is our technology platform that supports all three operating companies and stakeholders, training and educating users on the features. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your business can be challenging; we strive to remove friction in onboarding processes and training to embed modern technology into your business solutions.

When you work with Ziing, you have access to our conversational agent, “Ziinger,” which helps you navigate the platform and easily find information. Our single sign-on technology combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a secure environment that facilitates the management of staffing changes you make in your organization.

Our platform is mindful of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law so you can have the peace of mind that the strictest data protection and privacy laws are adhered to. We support mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop interfaces so you and your staff can access the services you need on the go or from the office.

What is Ziing Fulfillment?

At Ziing Fulfillment, we provide e-commerce order management solutions. We utilize existing assets, networks, and ecosystems in Ziing Final Mile to optimize inventory placement and product-to-consumer strategy. We solve capacity issues through ecosystems, not penalties. Our model supports scaling a start-up or positioning a mature business to unlock the value of Mindful Mobility™.

What is Ziing Energy?

Sustainable transportation is a pivotal aspect of today’s global efforts to combat climate change and reduce our environmental footprint. Embracing sustainability is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity. One of the most significant steps a logistics company can take towards sustainability is to start electrifying its fleet of vehicles.

Ziing Energy works with the team at Ziing Final Mile to mobilize your low-carbon fleet through our Exclusive Ecosystem solution. We enable e-mobility and sustainable transportation by leveraging our knowledge of carbon markets and zero-emission vehicles, allowing us to implement profitable environmental solutions. We can help in every step of your fleet electrification journey.

What industries do you service?

Seamlessly blend the local community quality-of-service your customers love with the nationwide network you need. Combine technology and data innovation for an efficient, cost-effective service that provides the experience your customers expect.

Highlighted industries:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & groceries
  • Agriculture & construction
  • Dental & eyewear
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Why Ziing?

We do things a bit differently than what you normally expect from an LTL or small package courier model. We have 3 Ecosystems to offer: 1) Exclusive, 2) Fractional, and 3) Co-load. Our Ziing Final Mile business is designed to deliver flexibility, high-quality services, and economical solutions. We achieve this through technology, our decentralized network, and leveraging existing assets.

Our growth drives economic activity that impacts our communities, and we are hungry for the change we can bring. Our 96% client retention rate and 700% growth in the last 5 years has proven beyond a proof of concept.

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Product Fulfillment

When your customers need replacement parts, our integrated parts systems are designed to take the work out of parts ordering requests and fulfillment. Our process management, storage and indexing, and parts procurement platform will help you service your customers better and open new market opportunities for your business