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Efficient logistics is core to the business model of every food and grocery business. Our logistics partners understand the demands that your wholesalers, distributors, and retailers will have. 

Whether your needs cover frozen produce, fresh groceries, or meal kit deliveries, we know that your timelines are crucial to keeping your customers satisfied and loyal. We have the logistics partners that can make sure your deliveries are consistent and reliable, whether they are being sent direct to warehouses, stores, households, or even left unattended. 

Our partners work to your industry standards, with a full chain of custody, covering collection, handover, and exceptions, so you can be confident you are meeting all your obligations, just like you were doing it yourself. 

Our flexible and dynamic logistics network leverages real-time cost modeling, to identify the right routes, schedules, and delivery partners your business needs to succeed. We adapt this model quickly as the seasons change, traffic patterns change, and when you sign up new customers. 

We can create a logistics service that partners fully with your business, so that our drivers can become ambassadors for your company, engaging with your customers in the way you need them to. Our drivers can even wear your uniform if you wish. 

Alternatively, you can hand over all your logistics headaches to us. We can handle all your fleet management, driver management, and insurance management needs. You can focus on your core business strengths and make the best use of your working capital. 


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