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Dental & Eyewear

We go the extra mile to ensure the valuable dental and eyewear products you’re shipping reach their destination with care and consideration.

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Delivered With Care, Everywhere

Handling dental and eyewear products requires a mindful delivery standard to ensure high-value, time-sensitive, and fragile items reach your customers when you need them to. You need a logistics partner who can give your packages the care and attention they deserve while ensuring a professional and consistent experience wherever they go.

Here’s what we provide:

  • A clearly-defined chain of custody, including collection, handover signatures, and photo proof of delivery.

  • Drivers with familiarity and industry knowledge who understand professional and safety standards.

  • Consistent delivery services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, across the country.

Mindful and Flexible Logistics

Our flexible and dynamic network leverages real-time data modeling to identify the right routes, schedules, and delivery partners, to ensure your business is operating efficiently. We provide adaptable solutions as traffic patterns change and fluctuations in demand ebb and flow.

Logistics That Partners Seamlessly with Your Business

We create a logistics service that partners with your business so that our drivers become ambassadors for your company. We work with industry-trained service partners that embody your brand standards - from engaging with your customers in the way your company needs them to, right down to the uniform.

Outsource Your Logistics to Us

Prefer a more hands-off approach? Let us look after all your fleet management, shipments, driver screening processes, and insurance needs. This can help you to focus on your core business strengths and make the best use of your working capital.

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