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The unique nature of dental and eyewear products means that they need extra care in the delivery process. They are fragile and made to individual specifications. They are high-value items, and your deliveries are time-sensitive. They need a clearly defined chain of custody, and delivery may even require the use of PPE equipment in certain circumstances. 

We work with partners across the country who are familiar with the unique logistical and service requirements of dental products and eyewear products. 

 Our flexible and dynamic network leverages real-time cost modeling to identify the right routes, schedules, and delivery partners that your business needs to be successful. We can update this model quickly as the seasons change, traffic patterns change, and you develop new customers. You can be sure that your logistics are following best practices at all times. 

We can create a logistics service that partners fully with your business, so that our drivers can become ambassadors for your company, engaging with your clients in the right way. Our drivers can even wear your uniform if you wish.   

As an alternative, just hand over all your logistics headaches to us, and we will look after all your fleet management, driver management, and insurance management needs. This will leave you to focus on your core business strengths, and make the best use of your working capital.


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