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Industry Solutions

Seamlessly blend the local community quality-of-service your customers love with the nationwide network you need.

Combine technology and data innovation for an efficient, cost-effective service that provides the door step experience your customers expect.

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Automotive components are a key element in the supply chain for manufacturers, distributors and auto retailers, and auto servicing businesses.

Spare parts have to be delivered on time, every time, so you can keep your promises to your customers.

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The logistics needs of the pharmaceutical sector are unique and demanding, and we select our logistics partners who can meet these standards. We provide vehicles with ambient temperature controls to ensure a constant temperature between 15 degrees and 25 degrees to meet the demands of government health regulations.

We offer a full chain of custody, covering collection and handover signatures, storage temperature, storage humidity, and location, at all stages of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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Food, Groceries & Liquor

Whether your needs cover frozen produce, fresh groceries, or meal kit deliveries, we know that your timelines are crucial to keeping your customers satisfied and loyal.

We have the logistics partners that can make sure your deliveries are consistent and reliable, whether they are being sent direct to warehouses, stores, households, or even left unattended.

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Agriculture & Construction

The agricultural and construction sectors have a range of unique logistics challenges. Time is money, and spare parts and new components need to arrive on site as soon as possible.

Items need to be delivered over long distances and left onsite at anti-social hours. There is a premium on having drivers who know the routes and delivery locations well, so they can deliver critical items safely, securely and on time.

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Dental & Eyewear

The unique nature of dental and eyewear products means that they need extra care in the delivery process.

They are fragile and made to individual specifications. They are high-value items, and your deliveries are time-sensitive. They need a clearly defined chain of custody, and delivery may even require the use of PPE equipment in certain circumstances.

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Network Design

A win-win: The local community quality-of-service your customers love with the nationwide network you need.


Preliminary Analysis & Ecosystem Selection

Data-based recommendation for Exclusive, Fractional, or Co-load Ecosystem.


Network Design Options

Here is just a partial list of options to choose from.

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Delivery Window

12 am - 8 am
9 am - 5 pm

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Asset Selection

Vehicle type, preferred fuel, additional options, etc.

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Route Planning

Static, Dynamic Live or Scheduled, Hyper-Local, Mid-Mile, etc.

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Transaction Type

Signature, No-signature (Photo POD), Secure Unattended, etc.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Developed with client and implemented throught and "Ziinger" conversational agent.

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Software & Data Integration

Multiple options with secure data management, address clean up, customized reporting, and more.

Client Testimonials

“PRIMED is very happy to have Ziing as a partner. Their service has been second to none for the past number of years. During COVID our medical supplies were critical to the operations of a wide variety of medical facilities. Having on time delivery was not an option but a necessity. Ziing is a true partner for us and makes our business a little more stress free.”
Terry Mason, Manager of Transportation Operations at PRIMED Medical Products Inc.
“Ziing’s technology has helped McKesson digitally transform our delivery service processes by utilizing a data driven approach that’s not only helped us improve visibility and package tracking but has also helped us increase our operational efficiencies and reporting accuracy. Ziing’s solutions provides McKesson with the service excellence we need for our customers.”
Steve Werner, Director Transportation West at McKesson Canada
“Ziing works collaboratively with our team to create outside the box solutions for our business needs.”
Joe Shedden, Senior General Manager of Midwest Canada at Wesco

Final Mile Delivery

Join us as we navigate through topics ranging from delivery technologies and route optimization to sustainability initiatives and customer experience enhancements. Whether you're a logistics professional, an e-commerce entrepreneur, a small business owner, or simply curious about the journey your online orders take to reach your doorstep, our blog is your go-to resource for insights, trends, and best practices in final mile logistics.