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Agriculture & Construction

The agricultural and construction sectors have a range of unique logistics challenges. Time is money, and spare parts and new components need to arrive on site as soon as possible. Items need to be delivered over long distances, and left onsite at anti-social hours. There is a premium on having drivers who know the routes and delivery locations well, so they can deliver critical items safely, securely and on time. Our flexible and dynamic network leverages real-time cost modeling to identify the right routes, schedules, and delivery partners, to help ensure your business is successful. We adapt your model quickly as the seasons change, traffic patterns change, and you attract new customers.

We can create a logistics service that partners fully with your business. We can train our drivers to act as ambassadors for your company, engaging with your customers as you need them to. Our drivers can even wear your uniform if you need them to.

Equally, you can simply hand over all your logistics requirements to us, and we look after all your fleet management, driver management, and insurance management needs. This can help you to focus on your core business strengths, and make the best use of your working capital.


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