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EV Charging Design & Strategy

Fleet Electrification: Get Started with the Basics

We start by assessing your current transportation requirements, then build a custom strategy to electrify your fleet and guide you through grant and financing options that will continue generating revenue for years.

We help our clients and partners reduce emissions and costs through profitable environmental projects in transportation.

  • We start by assessing the business case—examining your vehicles, routes, drivers, and warehouse.

  • We work with you to develop the right EV charging strategy, select your EVs, and pilot a start-up plan.

  • Take advantage of the vehicle and charging equipment rebates and incentives.

  • We provide an EV fleet training course for your fleet managers and operators.

  • Our proprietary transportation management system uses modern telematics to gather key metrics for better decision-making.

  • Develop an annual revenue source from high-value carbon credits when you own your own charging stations.

  • No more fuel expenses, carbon tax, or oil changes!

Why Invest in Clean Energy?

Whether it be tracking your fleet’s carbon footprint or transitioning to electric vehicles, our operations are taking significant steps to reduce negative environmental impacts. We align with evolving regulations and the values of our partners and consumers. By embracing sustainable transportation, we help your business contribute to a healthier planet and achieve long-term cost savings, seamlessly integrating environmental responsibility into logistics and delivery service.

We are seeing market forces from several directions:

  • 1.

    Consumer awareness: More and more customers/clients are concerned about the environment.

  • 2.

    Government Regulation: Stay ahead of compliance mandates.

  • 3.

    Incentives: Significant federal and provincial funding programs in BC and Quebec exist in 2024 for zero emission vehicle purchases and EV charging infrastructure deployment.

  • 4.

    Total Cost of Ownership: Increasingly more compelling economics (in certain locations: British Columbia, Quebec, California) for Zero Emissions Vehicles & Low-Carbon Fuels.

Carbon Credit Revenue Graphic

Free EV Fleets Course 

When your customers need replacement parts, our integrated parts systems are designed to take the work out of parts ordering requests and fulfillment. Our process management, storage and indexing, and parts procurement platform will help you service your customers better and open new market opportunities for your business

Adopting an EV Fleet

Ziing’s comprehensive approach to adopting electric vehicles (EVs) involves developing a pilot program, fleet assessment, and strategic charging plan.

Benefit from government incentives, and let Ziing help choose suitable EVs and build a cost-effective business case. Install charging stations, train drivers, and harness modern telematics for safer operations. 

  • Electrification and EV charging strategies

  • Site assessments and project management

  • Access to government grants and other funding

  • Carbon footprinting of warehouses and other facilities

  • Generate revenue from EV charging carbon credits

  • Avoid penalties, reduce emissions, and future-proof fleet operations

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Carbon Credits

Cookie-cutter solutions? Not our style. We’re all about delivering value on the transition to a low-carbon economy. By utilizing Ziing Energy’s carbon development services, we will help our clients capitalize on new opportunities.

Low-Carbon Fuel Markets that enable fleets to generate carbon credits are popping up throughout North America. The Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR) and the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard (BCLCFS) are two major carbon markets in Canada that allow you to monetize emission reductions in transportation by electrification. Despite this process’s complexity, Ziing takes care of all the intricate aspects, including project strategy, digitizing records, regulatory filings, and data collection.

If you own or operate an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, you could be eligible to generate carbon credits and monetize them for additional revenue!

  • There are no upfront costs; we manage the entire credit generation process on a contingency basis.

  • We take on the multi-year obligation credit creators have under the regulation and isolate you from that burden.

  • We manage the entire verification process and all subsequent re-audits.

  • We offer flexible monetization pathways for you to choose from.

  • We provide proprietary software for our clients to maximize and accelerate value.

Free EV Fleets Course

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