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Shipping solutions

Moving quickly and efficiently is non-negotiable. That’s why we work with your needs and build custom delivery solutions tailored to the way you do business. We provide non-traditional logistics services that give you new options, capabilities, and insights that help you manage costs and access new markets.

By providing a mix of dedicated delivery options and distribution services, we offer the right balance of flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your business. You’ll notice the difference - there’s a Ziing to our delivery standards you won’t find anywhere else.

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Dedicated Services

Our dedicated delivery services offer the benefits of a privately owned fleet without the liability, risk, costly hiring processes, and time-consuming driver training. Our expertise lies in routing, handling, and promptly dispatching goods while maintaining consistent and reliable service standards that deliver ROI.
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Distribution Services

Use our distribution delivery service to access the drivers, vehicles, and routes you need for an efficient, cost-effective service that helps your business grow and expand into new markets.
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How We Can Help You

We offer a valuable array of services that allow you to develop a logistics capability that meets your business’s unique requirements when you need it.
Total Transparency

Have complete visibility of how your budget is spent, and how your customers are serviced.

Release Working Capital

No capital investment required to implement, maintain, or upgrade a delivery fleet.

Flexible Options

Select the ideal delivery model for your business, blending distributed and  dedicated services.

Leverage New Insights

Utilize our Big Data capabilities to find new delivery options and potential markets.

Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrate your order processing system and our delivery platform at the click of a mouse.

Service Options

Learn more about what service options we can offer you.

Chain of Signature (COS)

Use our Chain of Signature procedures to control and monitor package handling all the way to the end customer.

Contactless Delivery and Photo (POD)

We use photo proof of delivery (POD) to validate all deliveries. We provide delivery locations and GPS coordinates in real-time.

Customized SLAs

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are customized to your specific requirements, giving you peace of mind that we’ll meet you and your customers’ expectations.


Package Level Screening

We scan packages at every step, including receive scans, load scans, delivery, and exception scans.

Same Day & Next Day Delivery

Same-day deliveries are processed urgently and can be shipped within hours on the same day. Next day deliveries are processed and shipped on the tendered day +1 business day.

Product Assembly

We can set up your products and install them correctly where necessary.

Temperature Control

Monitor shipment temperatures on refrigeration-controlled trucks, ambient temperature-controlled trucks, and reefers equipped with Ziing’s IoT technology.

KPI Reporting

Have at-a-glance visibility of your logistics processes, covering packages, costs, delivery schedules, and more.

Scheduled Delivery

Select a specific delivery time for a specific location and include specific drop-off instructions.


We can help you receive, cross-dock, stage, or store products for delivery.


“Working with Ziing has been a life changing experience. Their attention to detail, procedures and technology has increased my productivity and therefore my bottom line.”
Darren Cowan | All Inclusive Services
“Ziing has truly been nothing less than a positive experience for our company and we look forward to continuing our business with them.”
Umer Syad | Prairie Winds Logistics Ltd.
“We have been collaborating with Ziing for the past 4 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied. This company has been very efficient in providing us the support & technology we need for our company.”
Neena Taya | Focus Logistics
“Ziing is a true partner for us and makes our business a little more stress free.”
Terry Mason | PRIMED Medical Products Inc.
“Ziing’s solutions provides McKesson with the service excellence we need for our customers.”
Steve Werner | McKesson Canada
“Ziing works collaboratively with our team to create outside the box solutions for our business needs.”
Joe Shedden | Wesco

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