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Born to Redefine Logistics

When you work with cutting-edge technology and a group of passionate experts, high-quality service and innovative solutions don’t happen by accident but by design.

Our group of companies, Ziing Final Mile™, Ziing Energy™, and Ziing Fulfillment™, collaborate and often deliver multifaceted value to clients that we call Mindful Mobility™. Combining the power of our three operating companies with our low overhead business model, we create a competitive pricing advantage without compromising quality.

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Supply Chain Management 

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Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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eCommerce Fulfillment

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Customized Shipping Solutions

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Mindful Mobility Systems

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Carbon Credit Develop

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Fleet Electrification

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AI Technology Platform

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Ziing Final Mile

If you need optimized delivery networks and customized shipping solutions for high-volume, time-sensitive products, Ziing specializes in complex logistical challenges and utilizes a proprietary technology platform to connect and enable Mindful Mobility across a national network.

Ziing’s Final Mile delivery network and customized ecosystem solutions provide partners with fleet operators and professional drivers that deliver fast and with the most friendly customer experience possible. Get the benefits of a privately owned fleet without the liability or additional costs. Here are some network design and product features you might be familiar with: 

  • Exclusive & fractional fleet models

  • Same-day & next-day cycles

  • Pre-0800hr deliveries

  • Static & dynamic routing 

  • White glove service

  • Big & bulky delivery

  • Hyperlocal loops

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    Reverse logistics

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Ziing Final Mile's Ecosystem Solutions

Our comprehensive Ecosystem Solutions revolutionize fleet management. Discover a tailored approach to meet your unique delivery needs across four distinct Ecosystems:

Exclusive Ecosystem

A fully customized delivery and logistics solution, our Exclusive Ecosystem starts with a deep dive into the explicit needs of our clients, and together, we create an Exclusive Fleet model.

Fractional Ecosystem

Our Fractional Ecosystem Solution offers customization capabilities similar to our Exclusive Ecosystem in network design and end-user experience at a fraction of the fixed overhead cost.

Co-load Ecosystem

We aggregate clients with synchronicity in delivery cycles into a local co-load distribution network. We have standard zones across all major “CFL” markets in Canada and considerable access to rural markets across Central Canada.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your business can be challenging. We strive to remove any apprehension you may be having about embedding this modern technology into your business through our turnkey features.

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Ziing Fulfillment

Forget the headache that comes with fulfillment challenges and trust Ziing as your partner to go above and beyond by providing the right service your customers deserve.

Ziing Fulfillment will help you shorten your product fulfillment and procurement lead times from coordinating freight shipments to individual fulfillment projects. Through decentralized distribution networks, innovative processes, and automated, integrated, and data-driven digital platforms, Ziing’s delivery service gets products to their end destinations quickly and safely.

  • Pick and pack fulfillment

  • Automated order processing

  • Customized processes

  • Freight forwarding and shipping

  • Customs brokerage

  • eCommerce order platform integrations

  • Inventory management and tracking

  • Warehousing and storage

  • No penalty fees 

Ziing Energy

At Ziing Energy, we provide consultation on cost-effectively implementing low-carbon fuel solutions into your supply chain. You’ll enjoy interacting with our team of professionals to learn more about emerging technologies such as fleet electrification, hydrogen, and biofuels. The emergence of medium to heavy-duty commercial EVs has created more use cases within the logistics industry.

Accelerate your investment in low-carbon technology and help you navigate new environmental regulations. Ziing Energy works closely with Ziing Final Mile to mobilize your low-carbon fleet through our Exclusive Ecosystem solution. We deliver Mindful Mobility™ value in a turnkey fashion. 

A strategy for success:

  • Fleet and site assessment

  • EV charging design

  • Grants, funding, and financing

  • Procurement and installation

  • Carbon credit revenue


What is Ziing Fulfillment?

Ziing specializes in end-to-end fulfillment and delivery services for crowdfunding, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer businesses with multiple Canadian warehouse locations and dedicated fulfillment teams.

Our recent acquisition of Hubtrotter Logistics means we’ve been able to expand this service area and provide support for more businesses like yours.

What is Ziing Energy?

Our team of professionals will walk you through the cost-effective implementation of low-carbon fuel solutions and emerging technologies into your supply chain. We start by assessing your current transportation system, then build a custom strategy to electricity your fleet and guide you through grant and financing options that will continue to generate revenue for you for years to come.

What Industries does Ziing Service?

  • Agriculture & Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Office Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies

Why Ziing?

Ziing’s AI-powered platform provides robust data for custom delivery solutions while balancing your business’ growth with environmental care to redefine what's possible in the industry. Final mile delivery that drives savings, wows your customers and leaves the world a better place.