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Dedicated Services

Leverage our extensive industry experience and unique toolsets to create the Dedicated Logistic Service you need, shaped by the unique demands of your business.  

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Dedicated Services

Ziing's Dedicated Services provide you with the same level of service and consistency you'd get from having your own fleet without any of the drawbacks.

Customize unique solutions to fit your specific business needs by leveraging a fleet of dedicated vehicles driving the routes you define, on the schedule you need, with drivers we’ve vetted extensively.

Whether you require ambient temperature-controlled environments, end-to-end signature chains, evidence of pick-up, transfer, and delivery, or anything else, our team is equipped to do the job right.

Benefits of choosing Ziing’s Dedicated Service:

  • We offer an exclusive and advanced fleet. Choose from EV vehicles, drones, and other vehicles.
  • Customized and vetted driving partners that work with your service standards.
  • Real-time tracking. You have the ability to dive into each route to view which shipments are loaded.
  • Ensure the best routes are used for all your destinations, optimizing based on traffic, fuel costs, and environmental impact.

We check in often and review your delivery model with a management dashboard so that you can refine your model based on real-world experience.

Contact us to learn more about how to partner with us and implement your dedicated Ziing delivery service.


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