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Distribution Services

Our Distribution Logistics Service leverages our extensive industry experience and unique tools sets. It offers you a flexible range of schedules, destinations, and shipping environments to help your business develop and grow.   

This service allows you to access a range of proven delivery services and routes that fit your business needs, using fully trained and insured drivers and vehicles.

 Ziing offers you services including temperature-controlled environments, end-to-end signature chains, evidence of pick-up, transfer, and delivery, and any other special delivery requirements.

Our Distributed Service means you can:               

  •       Develop an effective logistics capability without a significant capital investment
  •       Scale up and scale down your logistics capability as your business needs to
  •       Have one person to call to resolve all your logistics problems
  •       Quickly implement new services as your business changes

Contact us to learn more about how to partner with us to implement your dedicated Ziing delivery service. 


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