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National Network, Local Service 

Driven by our generative AI-based technology platform, our unique business model features a decentralized network of service partners, promoting local SMEs and fostering community growth. Mindful Mobility is how we provide a seamless experience across North America, resulting in significant pricing advantages without sacrificing quality. We are focused on disrupting the logistics industry with our business model and technology platform—we prioritize core values, innovation, and exceptional service.

At Ziing, we don't operate with a mission. We're driven by a sense of purpose. We think of mobility as a breeding ground for collective change. We saw an opportunity to be the first logistics company that didn't just integrate digital technology into our operations we founded our entire business upon it. Harnessing the power of data, integrated systems, clean technology, and Al-driven automation, we help our clients deliver on their promise of excellent customer service.

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Local Experts, Customized Network

Ziing transcends traditional logistics, acting as a trusted partner in streamlining delivery experiences. Leveraging local expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a widespread North American network, Ziing strives to customize and simplify the world of logistics. Combining human expertise with data-driven automation, Ziing offers a hassle-free, fully transparent, and highly customizable mobility ecosystem.

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Ziing’s Core Values







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Future-Forward Technology, Powered by

  • Ziing leads the charge in logistics innovation, fusing fleet operations, a Transportation Management System(TMS), and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) into a potent “Mindful Mobility System” called

  • harnesses Generative AI, cloud, and mobile technologies to streamline operations, ensuring efficient driver management, precise asset tracking, seamless package handling, real-time client interaction, and holistic integration, culminating in a truly unparalleled logistics experience.

Championing Collaboration

In the dynamic world of logistics, Ziing is the driving force that passionately fosters connections between clients and a network of service partners with existing assets. We’re more than just catalysts; we’re collaborators on a shared platform. Our aim is a consistent and seamless experience, whether partnering with a single service provider or orchestrating a symphony of collaborations across different markets in North America. 

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Zero-Emission Deliveries

Nearly 80% percent of consumers agree that a sustainable lifestyle is important. A sustainable mindset helps us all reduce waste, better manage our energy consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint. At Ziing, zero-emission vehicles, coupled with technology that drives efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and help create profitable environmental solutions. To learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

The Business Case for Sustainable Transportation

Protect the planet or boost your bottom line. Not so long ago, businesses felt that they had to choose—and their sustainability goals often lost out. Now, we can debunk the myth once and for all. Purpose and profit can get along together. 

Optimized Routing Coupled With the Right Asset

Route Optimization is the first step in realizing great service levels, cost efficiency, and reducing your carbon footprint. The second step is to find the right asset on the road.

Route Optimization, simply put, is the fewest kilometres in the shortest window. It’s about maximizing density—the fewest kilometres between stops. One or two additional kilometres between stops may not seem like much. Multiply those extra kilometres across thousands of stops and many vehicles, and suddenly, the carbon footprint has grown exponentially. Ziing’s optimization maximizes your density and minimizes your carbon footprint.

The right asset aligns the proper vehicles for the requirements to serve your customer. Many carriers, if not most, will utilize the assets available in their fleet. Using a cube van when a small passenger car is sufficient creates an unnecessarily larger carbon footprint and drives costs higher. Ziing’s Service Partner model utilizes the right asset to meet your economic needs and minimizes the subsequent carbon

Zero Emissions & Alternative Fuels

The future will be powered by two equally important pathways: Clean power and clean fuels. Additionally, many regions will require a minimum percentage of vehicles to have zero emissions by 2026, increasing generally to 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2035. In other words, the transition is necessary.

EVs are clearly making their mark and are especially efficient with shorter, dense routes in smaller assets. Sometimes, we forget about alternative fuels, like hydrogen. Hydrogen is powering larger assets over longer routes and gaining traction.

*We are seeing market forces from several directions:

  • Consumer awareness: More and more customers are concerned about the environment.
  • Government regulation: CFR, LCFS, IRA, Zero Emissions Zones, Commercial Fleet Mandates, Compliance & Emissions Reporting
  • Significant incentive programs for Climate Action & Cleantech—e.g., grants, tax rebates, carbon markets, and other funding initiatives generate economic feasibility.
  • Increasingly more compelling economics for Zero Emissions Vehicles & Low-Carbon Fuels


Carbon-Neutral Deliveries

Not every delivery can be performed with a Zero Emission Vehicle. What if your customer requires service in a timely manner that requires an asset that simply cannot be Zero Emissions?

Does this necessitate a heavier carbon footprint? Absolutely not.

Ziing can align your organization with reputable Carbon Offsets. By investing in Carbon Offsets, you can completely negate your once-necessary carbon footprint and still meet the required service levels for your customer.

Ziing is here to help you synchronize your service levels and reduce your carbon footprint.

Capitalize on Low-Carbon Incentives

Investing in clean technology is not purely an expensive experience. Government incentives can reduce the asset cost, and revenue opportunities exist in the form of Carbon Credits.

Any carrier can leverage government incentives to reduce the asset cost of a new EV, often at the point of purchase. Carbon Credits are where you turn your electrified fleet into an additional revenue stream.

When you own the charging network, such as having chargers at your facility, Ziing will develop your Carbon Credits and market them on your behalf, thereby creating annual revenue streams of Carbon Credit Income. Each Province and State has their own programs in addition to Federal Incentives, and Ziing can do the complex work for you. You get the reduced operating costs and brand recognition of a green fleet and also improve the return on your asset.

A green fleet and Carbon Credits epitomize a “win-win” situation for all involved.

Meet the Team

We were founded by supply chain and technology experts. We are a mix of individuals with logistics experience and ingenuity. In addition to our network’s countless agents and owner-operators, our leadership team collectively has over 65 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.

Aaron E.


Aaron Eliason is an accomplished manager with expertise in business management, operational analysis, team building, coaching for success, and customer service. With a background in communications, he brings over 20 years of experience to the transportation industry. Aaron is known for his adeptness in fostering strong teams and driving business development initiatives. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has consistently set him apart in the industry. With a proven track record of success, Aaron is determined to continue making significant contributions to Ziing and their customers.

Anwesh D.

Director of Operations, Eastern Canada

Anwesh Dayal is a seasoned operations manager and team leader with over 16 years of experience working with brands across the globe. His expertise lies in supply chain, logistics, and distribution management, complemented by a knack for setting up new business processes, optimizing existing ones, and harnessing the power of data analytics. Anwesh's exceptional analytical skills, drive efficiency and innovation within his teams. A multilingual communicator, he effortlessly bridges cultural and linguistic gaps to foster collaboration and understanding. Renowned as a seasoned team player, Anwesh is celebrated for his ability to inspire and lead diverse teams towards shared goals with unwavering dedication and professionalism.

Dave D.

VP of Finance

Dave joined Ziing Final Mile in 2018 after spending more than a decade holding various Senior Management roles in the Banking Industry. In addition to an extensive background in Finance, Dave has a proven track record in Strategic Planning, Business Transformations, and Building “Winning” Cultures across broad geographical territories.

Todd T.

VP of Operations

Todd is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in Sales, Operations, and Customer Service within the Banking and Transportation Industry. Todd has built a reputation for achieving results through developing High Performing Teams centred around Superior Internal and External Client Experiences.

Mathew B.

VP, Strategic Partnerships & Acquisitions

With over 15 years in the Final Mile segment, Matt is a seasoned Supply Chain Professional equipped with extensive Industry experience in Technology, Sales, and Operations. Through a consultative and systematic approach to achieving best-in-class technology-enhanced solutions, Matt has led multiple Organizations through new market launches, specialized service lines, and succession strategies.

Bruno S.

Vice President and General Manager, Ziing Fulfillment

Bruno is a highly driven leader with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in video games, software technology, marketing, eCommerce, and logistics. Since his start at a young age as a small business owner and eventual entrepreneur in innovative ventures, Bruno has raised multiple seed capital rounds for several start-ups, took his businesses to international markets, and more recently closed an acquisition deal of his latest logistics venture HubTrotter Logistics. Bruno is currently the Vice President and General Manager of Ziing Fulfillment.

Chris H.

President & CEO

Chris is a senior executive with over 20 years of expertise in the transportation and courier industry. He brings a broad range of experience in all functions of an organization with a specific eye for acquisitions resulting in new market expansion and development of adjacent services. He has led significant business transformations, helping clients develop new go-to-market strategies, including multi-client joint distribution agreements and expansion from B2B to B2C.

Jordan L.

VP, Business Development

Jordan has had deep involvement in many first-of-kind marketing, carbon projects, and technology start-ups. Jordan is a certified sustainability (ESG) practitioner and has held various leadership roles in the energy and clean-tech industries. Jordan was instrumental in the growth of several scale-ups and acquisitions, where he led the sales, marketing, and customer success teams in the highly complex carbon markets.

Rajan K.

VP, Technology

Rajan has over fifteen years of experience in developing and executing digital transformation blueprints and has successfully delivered programs at Fortune 500 companies in banking, staffing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, travel, and tourism, automotive, and many more. Rajan’s leadership and strategic direction have helped connect on-demand and omnichannel technologies to facilitate the deployment of AI, Enterprise Automation, Cloud, and Native Mobile and Web technologies based on microservices architecture.

Ziing Story

At Ziing, we don’t operate with a mission. We’re driven by a sense of purpose. We think of mobility as a breeding ground for collective change. We saw an opportunity to be the first logistics company that didn’t just integrate digital technology into our operations—we founded our entire business upon it. Harnessing the power of data, integrated systems, clean technology, and AI-driven automation, we help our clients deliver on their promise of excellent customer service.

Shaping Local Communities

We believe local businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. That’s why we empower small to medium-sized enterprises with data-driven sustainable solutions. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, the final mile has emerged as a critical component, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses seeking to optimize their operations. Stay up to date as we bring you our blog as your go-to resource for insights, trends, and best practices in final mile logistics.