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Stories / How Ziing and Our Service Partners Are Shaping Local Communities

How Ziing and Our Service Partners Are Shaping Local Communities

Last-mile delivery is changing the game for consumers, small businesses, and logistics companies. While the modern economy continues to be revolutionized by how quickly and seamlessly we can receive online orders, logistics companies and their service partners continue to work behind the scenes to make these advancements possible.

Let’s take a closer look at how Ziing’s service partners help fulfill deliveries and the positive impact our process has on local communities.

What is a Service Partner?

In the logistics world, a service partner is an outsourced company with expertise in a specific task in the supply chain, such as warehousing, distribution, or transportation.

By partnering with a comprehensive logistics company like Ziing, our service partners can continue doing what they do best: delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps while taking advantage of the cost savings and synergies that come from joining forces with us.

Other benefits include accessing our experienced team, advanced technology, and infrastructure to efficiently scale their business and improve their service in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

How Our Service Partners Shape Local Communities

Here’s how our delivery partners positively impact their local communities beyond quicker delivery to end consumers:

  • Small Business Reach: Helping small businesses expand beyond their geographical location and seamlessly fulfill online orders.
  • Faster Package Delivery: Improving customer satisfaction through shorter delivery times for online purchases.
  • Job Creation: Providing reliable work to the local community as the demand for package delivery increases with the continued growth of e-commerce.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: Leveraging our advanced technology to optimize delivery routes for reduced carbon footprint, shorter delivery times, and enhanced efficiency.

What Qualities Do We Look for in Service Partners?

At Ziing, we take pride in the advantage we offer clients through the routing, handling, and prompt dispatching of goods. We hold high standards for our service partners to maintain consistent and reliable service standards for our clients. Here are some of the main attributes we look for:


We require all service partners to have a clean Safety Fitness Certificate, WCB number, Certificate of Insurance, registered or incorporated business, and criminal background checks on all drivers.


We work with service partners driven by innovation and a deep understanding of the logistics industry. Their entrepreneurial spirit can be further empowered by the advantages we offer them, like innovative technology and expert support.


Our service partners must be willing to sign a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement, showing their commitment to delivering on our mission of equipping businesses with responsive and responsible last-mile solutions.


Our delivery partners need to provide reliable and on-brand service to end customers. This responsibility includes maintaining adequate records and updating tracking information, among other details our clients count on.

Scale Your Delivery Business with Ziing

Our incredible service is only possible by harnessing our delivery partners' power. When we join forces, we can truly unlock what’s possible as a modern logistics provider.

By offering our service partners the tools, technology, expertise, and infrastructure they need to scale their business in today’s complex and competitive markets, we can better serve our clients and their customers while supporting local communities.

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