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Stories / From Concept to Reality: Making Eco Delivery Work For You and Your Customers

From Concept to Reality: Making Eco Delivery Work For You and Your Customers

Eco-friendly practices are at the forefront of public consciousness, and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their impact on the planet. One area that has seen significant attention is the delivery ecosystem, which includes the entire process of getting products from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

From alternative delivery methods to sustainable packaging, an eco-friendly delivery ecosystem aims to create an efficient, environmentally-responsible strategy. But, it takes some work to turn this concept into a reality.

Let’s explore how to make eco-delivery work for you and your customers.

6 Ways to Make Eco-Delivery a Reality

Eco-friendly Delivery Methods

While traditional gasoline-powered vehicles remain prevalent, switching to an alternative eco-friendly delivery method can be beneficial on multiple fronts. Electric and alternate fuel vehicles are more cost-efficient when it comes to fuel, produce fewer emissions, and help improve air quality.

Route Optimization

Another way to make eco-delivery a reality is to reduce the distance vehicles travel and the number of vehicles on the road, which is easier said than done in the world of fast and free shipping. Better route planning and incentivizing the customer will help you reduce the environmental impact of delivery and save time and money.

Reusable or Compostable Packaging

According to a study by Oceana, Amazon alone generated 599 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2020. The number of air pillows wasted alone could circle the globe 500 times.

To make eco-delivery a reality, companies need to switch to more sustainable packaging options, such as wood pulp kraft papers, mushroom packaging for insulation, and corn, potato, or wheat starch packaging to use as air pillows. The size of the packaging also plays an important role. Reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging by using appropriate sizes and avoiding overpacking.

A Green Checkout

A green checkout refers to making the online checkout process more environmentally friendly. It encourages customers to make more sustainable shipping choices through messaging, features, and reminders.

A green checkout can provide customers with more information about the environmental impact of their delivery choices. For example, it may compare an overnight delivery’s impact on the environment to a 3-5 business days delivery’s impact on the environment. This initiative gives customers a gentle reality check and promotes options for slower shipping methods using less fuel, or consolidating orders into a single shipment.

Incentivizing for the Greater Good

Another way eco-delivery can become a reality for your customers is by incentivizing them to protect the planet. For example, you can offer discounts or rewards to customers using eco-friendly shipping options, such as carbon-neutral shipping, sustainable packaging, or consolidated shipments.

Partnering with a Sustainable Shipping Provider

All the abovementioned methods work tremendously but require significant effort, money, and resources to make them a reality. For this reason, many businesses opt to work with a sustainable third-party logistics provider.

Look for a provider that uses low-emission vehicles, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, and route optimization software to reduce the carbon footprint of their deliveries. Some eco-friendly delivery services may also offer carbon-neutral shipping options that offset the emissions from the delivery through investments in renewable energy or reforestation projects.

Sustainability is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Sustainability is a journey with no shortcuts - it takes an active effort to identify areas for improvement, develop plans for lasting change, and then continuously track progress toward those goals.

At Ziing, we strive to do our part in creating a resilient, equitable, and regenerative future where people and the planet can thrive for generations to come. Our approach is to balance financial growth and environmental care to create an industry that remains sustainable in the future.

Is sustainability your strategic goal for 2023? Let’s talk about how we can make it a reality together.

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