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Stories / Dedicated Logistics: Nailing Real-Time Tracking for Pre-8 am Construction Deliveries

Dedicated Logistics: Nailing Real-Time Tracking for Pre-8 am Construction Deliveries

Need it now? If you’re in the construction industry, you know that timing is critical when delivering essential equipment and supplies. Sites with limited storage space, reduced access, and multiple contractors all add up to a mighty big challenge—but it’s one that dedicated logistics services are here to handle.

Let’s dive into dedicated logistics, why they’re important in the construction industry, and how real-time tracking is key to turbo-charging your efficiency.

The Growing Importance of Dedicated Logistics in Construction

Building something on time (and on a budget) relies on all the key elements slotting neatly into place.

It’s not enough to have trained employees; they must be at the site at the right time and have the right materials. Then there’s the question of storage (those construction materials have to go somewhere) and how everything gets from point A to Ziing in the first place. Supplies might have to be ordered from abroad and require special handling.

The juggling act of logistics on a construction site doesn’t end there. You have to coordinate multiple deliveries, serving various projects involving different contractors while adhering to strict delivery windows. Moving materials around to different parts of the site safely can be a challenge. And if something gets delayed or a key part of a project reveals an unexpected problem, the whole plan might need recalculating.

It’s no wonder many construction companies turn to experienced and dedicated logistics providers who can meet these challenges.

Pre-8 am Delivery

If you’re looking to cut costs and improve the efficiency of a construction project, the just-in-time delivery model (or as we like to call it at Ziing, “pre-8 am delivery”) is a tried-and-tested way to go about it. Originating in Japan, it was famously adopted by the vehicle manufacturer Toyota in the 1970s. It all boils down to one main objective: keeping inventory supplies low at all times and ordering only what you need when needed.

Instead of having construction materials taking up space on site and potentially becoming obsolete or damaged, you order them at just the right time in the construction schedule. Benefits of pre-8 am delivery include lower storage costs since you need less space, less capital tied up in inventory, reduced waste, and more streamlined operations.

Ziing’s pre-8 am unattended delivery service is leading the way in the construction industry. Drivers are given keys or codes to access the construction site outside of business hours and leave the equipment or materials in a designated area so that you have everything you need at the right time and in the right place when you come in the next morning.

Real-Time Tracking: The Key to Successful Pre-8 am Deliveries

Pre-8 am delivery can make your construction project smoother, but only if everything arrives when it's supposed to. If not, you’ll end up with laborers and contractors standing around with nothing to do, resulting in delays and rising costs.

Real-time freight and transportation tracking is the key to ensuring everything works as it should. GPS technology and logistics databases enable you to see the location of goods and supplies at every stage of their journey. So when planning the next phase of a project or scheduling employees for a particular job, you’ll know exactly when essential materials are arriving and can schedule resources accordingly.

The Benefits of Dedicated Logistics for Construction Companies

Anyone with operational leadership experience in the construction industry knows it’s a complex area requiring complex solutions. Here’s how a dedicated logistics company can help:

Specialist Expertise

Construction is full of potential pitfalls, and dedicated logistics companies get it. They understand the importance of a strict delivery window; they’re not phased by navigating different teams of contractors and taking last-minute changes in their stride.

Trained Workforce

With a dedicated logistics provider, you benefit from trained workers: carefully vetted professional drivers who can handle sophisticated machinery in transit, office staff who take care of everything from customer service to optimizing real-time tracking systems, and administrative specialists who keep the operation running smoothly.

Logistics Infrastructure

Timely deliveries won’t happen without a robust infrastructure. One of the big benefits of a dedicated logistics company is that they have all the appropriate systems in place, whether it’s a fleet of delivery vehicles capable of handling large (and possibly dangerous) pieces of equipment or networks around the country for speedier delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

One of the biggest challenges of construction logistics is the sheer weight of compliance, including customs clearance and import regulations. The right logistics partner can ease the complexity of construction regulations—providing expertise, insight, and tailored services such as freight forwarding and warehousing solutions. This support can ensure projects stick to schedule and avoid costly delays.

Get Moving with Ziing

Ready to leverage the power of real-time tracking for your construction business? At Ziing, we’re geared up for fast, secure delivery of all the materials and supplies you need when time is of the essence.

From dangerous goods licensing to security clearance checks, we can take care of it. Our drivers and delivery vehicles can handle even the most challenging heavy machinery. Our innovative data model and real-time tracking tools ensure total transparency at every step to boost your efficiency on-site.

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