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Stories / Green is the New Gold: Monetizing Emission Reduction in the Transportation Sector

Green is the New Gold: Monetizing Emission Reduction in the Transportation Sector

As the transportation sector moves towards embracing cleaner and greener practices, it opens up many opportunities for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and monetize these initiatives.

Thanks to clever tools like carbon credits, businesses can make money while making a difference. In this exciting new landscape, doing good for the planet means doing good for the bottom line. It's the ultimate win-win.

Innovating Sustainability with Alternative Energy Solutions

Think of the transportation sector as the world's circulatory system, moving people and goods everywhere. But this comes at a cost: high volume carbon emissions. Businesses are now looking to renewable energy sources as one way to reduce their footprint and become a part of the solution.

Low-carbon fuels, like biofuels derived from plant and animal materials, are changing the game by offering a cleaner-burning option to fossil fuels because they give off less carbon dioxide and other gases. Meanwhile, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction with their zero tailpipe emissions, and their environmental impact will continue to shrink as we shift towards wind and solar-powered electricity sources. The emerging technology of hydrogen fuel cells also promises an exciting future for clean transport with water as the only by-product.

These alternative energy solutions aren't just good for the planet - they're also good for business! As companies transition to greener energy sources, they can earn carbon credits for their emission reduction efforts which can be sold or traded, turning sustainability initiatives into profitable ventures.

Turning Emissions Reductions into Profits

Carbon credits transform your emission reductions into a potential new revenue stream. You can earn credits for every metric ton of greenhouse gases you prevent from hitting the atmosphere and then sell this credit to other businesses looking to offset their emissions. Voila, your sustainability mission is now a money-maker!

If you're considering trading and investing in carbon credits, keeping an eye on market prices and trends is essential. You'll need to understand the rules in different markets, as the value and demand for carbon credits can change depending on where and when you're trading. Teaming with carbon market experts, like brokers or consultants, can help you navigate this green maze.

But here's the real beauty of this approach: it's not just about profit; it's about our planet. Every carbon credit represents less greenhouse gas heating our world, so every sale is a win for your business and our environment. It’s the perfect blend of green and growth, making sustainability your smartest business move.

Powering Your Fleet: The Electric Revolution

As the world focuses on sustainability, businesses are already turning to fleet electrification as one powerful initiative with high impact. The time to act is now, and here’s why:

Increasing Demand from Clients and Shippers

Businesses are seeing a growing demand from clients who insist on eco-friendly transport and sustainability requirements. By electrifying your fleet, you can meet these demands and gain a competitive edge by positioning your business as an environmentally conscious partner.

Sales Mandates and ZEV Zones

Governments are promoting the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) more and more through sales mandates and the establishment of ZEV zones. By transitioning to EVs, you set your business up to comply with future regulations, avoid potential penalties, and prepare for inevitable changes.

Incentives and the National LCFS

Governments are jumping on the bandwagon to make the transition to electric fleets even more enticing. Several provinces in Canada already offer grants, rebates, and tax credits to businesses that adopt electric vehicles. Soon, a national Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) will emerge. LCFS is designed to decrease the carbon intensity of the transportation fuel pool and provides even more benefits for companies that embrace electrification.

So, why wait? Take the first step towards fleet electrification today and participate in the movement toward a greener tomorrow.

Learn From the Best

Mark your calendars for an enriching opportunity to learn more about how to profit from going green. On June 07, from 12 pm to 1 pm MT, Ziing is delighted to host an informative webinar where some of the top minds in the industry will be speaking:

1) Jordan Lypchuk, VP, Business Development, Ziing

Jordan has had deep involvement in many first-of-kind carbon projects and technology start-ups. He earned his MBA with a specialty in finance from the University of Calgary, is a certified sustainability (ESG) practitioner, and has held various leadership roles in the energy and clean-tech industries. Jordan is a senior leader in clean technology, focusing on decarbonizing transportation through electrification, low-carbon fuels, and monetizing emission reductions.

2) Prageet Nibber, CEO/Founder, ReWatt Power Inc.

Prageet has a diverse background in risk management, ESG, technology adoption, and economics. She built enterprise risk management software which she sold in 2015 and is dedicated to aligning financial and environmental goals to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions. Prageet founded Rewatt Power, a company specializing in carbon credit monetization services to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

3) Shayna Rector, VP, Strategic Partnerships, 7Gen

Shayna is a skilled communications and business development executive experienced in developing partnerships and managing complex stakeholder projects in the climate and energy space. This includes working for global energy multinational Shell for a decade and, in 2020, co-founding 7Gen, a start-up focused on accelerating the deployment of electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles to decarbonize transportation in Canadian cities. After years of discussing what we must do to address the SDGs, she is committed to DOING. She leads 7Gen’s key accounts and government relations, plus represents 7 Generation Capital in working groups and associations like the Pembina Urban Delivery Sustainability Initiative, Electric Mobility Canada, and CALSTART's Global Drive to Zero.

Let's journey toward a greener, more profitable future that benefits your business and our planet. Contact us to reserve your spot today for an exploration into the depths of monetizing carbon emissions!

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