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A Guide for Sustainable Packaging in eCommerce

Let’s talk about sustainability. What would have been a nice addition to your delivery offerings is now standard practice as the effects of consumerism are leading to potentially irreversible damage to our planet. 

We don’t mean to scare you into making eco-friendly packaging decisions, but it’s an important move since sustainable practices are here to stay. Climate change is causing us to rethink traditional ways of shipping, purchasing, and supporting brands that walk the talk. But if consumers are ready to make changes to try to reverse the effects of global warming, are you? 

If so, here’s a look at introducing sustainable practices in your eCommerce strategy. 

Mindful Mobility – Putting Sustainable Packing into Practice
Meaningful change takes time, and saving the planet doesn’t happen overnight, but it's no secret the last mile is making a big impact on the world’s carbon footprint. In 2021, 21.5 billion parcels shipped in the US alone, and according to the Global Consumer Survey, customers are willing to pay for eco-friendly delivery. 

Here’s how to introduce small moves that make a big difference:

  1. Bring Systems Online 

If you haven’t heard the news, paper is out, paperless invoicing is in. Encourage your customers to receive email updates and receipts or bring the dated paper trails of your business online. This is a great first step in committing to reversing the effects of climate change.

  1. Reward Recycling & Ship Small 

Introduce a recycling program that encourages consumers to reuse or return and not use big packaging for small items. It encourages recycling, you get to save money, and less garbage goes into landfills.  

  1. Put a Price on Plant-Based Packaging 

Biodegradable plastic and compostable packaging might be great for the planet but can come at a hefty price. Be transparent with your customers and adjust the costs of your products when you need to so that your bottom line isn’t taking the hit. It’s a worthwhile investment and your customers might be more supportive than you think. 

Advantages of Making the Sustainable Shift 

Whether jumping into eco-friendly practices with two feet, or dipping your toe in the water, there’s a way to make the shift to sustainable packaging worthwhile. You can add value to your brand, stabilize energy consumption, and save money. If you can sleep at night knowing you're saving the planet for future generations, there are even tax incentives for financial gain. If you’re curious about working with a third-party logistics provider that can show you the ropes with our team of experts and build a clean energy strategy for SMEs.

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