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Stories / How Ziing's Healthcare Logistics Solutions are Revolutionizing the Industry

How Ziing's Healthcare Logistics Solutions are Revolutionizing the Industry

Every day, the healthcare industry is tasked with ensuring that life-saving treatments and medical supplies reach patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s a challenge that we’re embracing wholeheartedly.

Ziing's healthcare logistics solutions are designed to help hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies streamline their operations, making it easier to get the right supplies to the right places at the right times. With our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services, we're helping healthcare providers make extraordinary improvements in their delivery networks.

Read on to find out how we make it happen.

A Closer Look at Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare logistics refers to the logistics of surgical, medical, and pharmaceutical supplies. Essentially, it involves managing the supply chain to deliver everything that healthcare providers need to care for their patients – from manufacturer to warehouse to hospital.

As for why it’s important…well, it’s not overdramatic to say that healthcare logistics can be a matter of life and death. Delivering medical devices and pharmaceutical products on time is critical to patient outcomes.

Secure storage is crucial, too. If medicines aren’t kept at a certain temperature, for example, this can reduce their efficiency and possibly even render them harmful. As a result, the industry is heavily regulated, and it's important for supply chain management solutions to be compliant.

How Ziing is Changing the Industry

At Ziing, we’re not content simply to ship your products from warehouse to customer; instead, we’re upping the ante and using technology to transform the entire industry.

This shows up in a multitude of ways, from sharing data and reports with our customers to the sensors we use specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s break it down in detail below.

Improving Processes

This is where it all starts. The first step in transforming supply chain management is to continually improve and refine our processes.

KPI Reporting

While timely, secure shipping is crucial to every business, it’s especially important in the healthcare industry. Sensitive deliveries such as vaccines, medicines, and medical equipment are subject to strict regulation, and healthcare organizations need to know that their products have been delivered on time and at the correct temperature.

That’s why we send regular KPI reports to all of our clients. We don’t just provide delivery volumes; we’ll also record temperature information and ensure scanning compliance, on-time delivery, and proof-of-delivery percentages.

By sharing our data with clients, we’re opening a window into our day-to-day operations so that they can feel confident in upholding delivery standards.

Improving Route Optimization

Our trucks don’t stand still, and neither do our routes. There’s always a better way to get from A to Ziing, and we’re continually looking to improve our delivery routes to make sure that they work for everyone involved, from our customers to our community and service partners.

We use diagnostic and prescriptive analytics to analyze our rerouting options and prioritize different benchmarks to come up with the best possible solutions. It’s an ongoing process. For one client, for instance, we’ve come up with 20 different routing scenarios to date and equipped them with the data they need to make meaningful decisions.

Developing Custom Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to logistics, but healthcare in particular needs custom solutions. Pharmaceuticals bring their own regulatory requirements, and there’s a risk of liability if records of product temperature aren’t kept.

At Ziing, we’re embracing industry-leading IoT (Internet of Things) technology to make sure that medical products are kept in a safe environment. We use IoT devices in all of our trucks carrying pharmaceuticals to monitor conditions.

These IoT sensors don’t only keep track of the temperature inside the truck. For one of our clients, for example, we developed a solution to monitor humidity, battery, and pressure for optimum safety in transit. Not that we’re resting on our laurels: We’re constantly testing new sensors and keeping up with new products and companies in the IoT space so that we can offer the best solutions to our customers.

Maintaining and Improving Client Relationships

While technology is undoubtedly transforming the nuts and bolts of logistics management, it also enables us to bring about another change: a continual improvement in our customer relationships.

One of the ways data helps us do this is by giving our customers complete visibility of every parcel every step of the way. A series of scans in different locations establishes a robust chain of custody: Parcels are scanned when they’re received in the warehouse, loaded onto trucks, and delivered to the end customer. Customers can track all of this – plus the proof-of-delivery photographs taken by our drivers when a parcel reaches its destination – through our secure online portal.

Being a Trusted Partner

When it comes to the inventory management, transportation, and distribution of healthcare products, companies need a logistics provider they can trust to deliver their products on time and keep them safe in transit. Sharing data helps us build that trust. For one of our current clients, for example, we delivered over 810,000 pieces with an average on-time delivery of 99 percent over a six-month period.

Being a trusted partner is also about working towards shared ESG goals. By analyzing rerouting options to find the most efficient delivery routes and connecting GPS to our transportation vehicles to help monitor fuel consumption, we provide metrics that support our sustainability targets and those of our clients.

Increasing Your Profits

Yes, improving your delivery is a surefire way to delight your customers, but they’re not the only ones who benefit. Streamlining logistics can have a positive impact on your bottom line. And through data-driven logistics services, we can help cut unnecessary costs and increase your profits.

Driving efficiency with the help of technology is the key. As well as creating rerouting options to make sure that you’re getting the most from each and every truck journey, we supply detailed metrics of vehicle and driver performance. You can see at a glance how much fuel is burned per day, for example. With GPS tracking attached to all our vehicles, we provide a constant stream of data to empower you to make the best decisions for your business.

Join the Healthcare Logistics Revolution

Are you looking to transform your own healthcare business? With market-leading logistics solutions, you can ensure your pharmaceuticals and medical devices are delivered quickly, safely, and efficiently to improve patient outcomes as well as increase your profits.

Ziing’s fresh thinking and cutting-edge solutions are setting a new standard in the healthcare industry. Get in touch today to find out how we can use our expertise to create custom solutions for your organization.

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