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Stories / How Ziing Stands Out on the Road with an Innovative Mindset

How Ziing Stands Out on the Road with an Innovative Mindset

As a logistics company shaking up the industry, Ziing stands out for all the right reasons. With a mindful mindset encompassing everything from how we treat our employees and service partners to our sustainability initiatives, we’re making deliveries better for everyone.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is where it all begins. Everything stems from our ethos of mindful mobility: a forward-looking approach that cares about our people, planet, and local communities. We’re taking concrete steps to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while delighting customers with every delivery.

Our Operations

What sets us apart is that we live by our values—they guide everything we do. Every day, on every journey, we’re delivering mindfully. Let’s break down what this means in practice:

Clean Energy

On the one hand, you want to offer the fast and free shipping that customers expect. On the other hand, you care about the environment. How can you deliver on your service promise without sending fuel emissions soaring? At Ziing, we’re turning eco-delivery from a pipe dream into reality. For example, we offer a co-load service to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, introducing electric vehicle (EV) fleet solutions, and we’re able to monitor emissions through our routing software that will help you make better, more informed decisions about the environmental impact of your shipping processes.


We’re fascinated by the power of data and what it can do. The more data we can plot into our route optimization software—from traffic conditions to delivery windows and fuel consumption—the greater the efficiency of our delivery routes. And we don’t keep these precious facts and figures to ourselves; we use the data we gather to create meaningful insights for our clients and service partners so that everybody can make smarter decisions.

Customer Service

If you want to know what makes us different, here’s a quick way to find out: Just call us. Sounds simple, right? But we’re rare among service providers in that we answer every call without putting you in a queue (and we’ll respond to your emails, too). In our book, top-notch customer service means putting you in direct communication with the right people whenever you need support.

And we treat your customers like they're our own. We use real-time tracking to give customers complete visibility of their parcel’s whereabouts because we understand the predictability of package delivery is critical.

Quality Control

At Ziing, we don’t leave anything to chance. We know that successful, timely deliveries are all about getting the details right, so we take quality control very seriously. From logging the status of an ecommerce parcel at every stage of its journey to using IoT technology to maintain the correct temperature for pharmaceutical cargo, we monitor the quality of our service at every step.

Our People

Our people are the driving force behind everything we do. Our culture is built on a growth mindset, valuing our team members' personal and professional development. We believe in making an impact, treating each other with care, and fostering a collaborative team approach to make a difference. You won’t find any attention-hogging rockstars here; we’re humble enough to know it takes a team approach to make a difference.

Our Partners

Mindful mobility isn’t just about what’s inside; we also take the same caring, conscientious approach to external relationships. We support our service partners with vertical integration opportunities. As well as being plugged into our national network of fulfillment centers, they can tap into our team’s logistics know-how and gain access to our industry-leading technology and robust infrastructure.

Zoom Ahead With Ziing

When you’re out on the road, you need to look ahead—and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Ziing. With a forward-thinking mindset and a commitment to innovation, we’re setting a new standard for the industry.

If that sounds good to you, why not join us in making the change? We'd love to hear from you whether you’re searching for a logistics provider that aligns with your ESG goals or would like to learn more about becoming a service partner.

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